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How to write

Research science is a very varied discipline, and almost any personal deficit can be compensated for by working with the right team. I for example am clumsy and fairly useless in the lab, but my team are excellent, and so … Continue reading

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How to write a winning grant proposal

I have been doing a fair bit of grant-reviewing lately, as well as having won a few grants of my own in the past, and have been slowly building up a template of what a winning grant looks like. Here … Continue reading

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Redefining “professor” won’t fix the leaky pipeline

The leaky pipeline is a well-described phenomenon in which women selectively fail to progress in their careers. In scientific academia, the outcome is that while women make up >50% undergraduates across science as a whole, they make up <20% professors. … Continue reading

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Why scientists should tweet

Yesterday I attended a Twitter tutorial organised by Jenny Rohn and Uta Frith for the UCL Women group. It reminded me afresh how much I value Twitter, and also how much persuasion I had needed to join it in the … Continue reading

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Letter to Editor

Dear Journal Editor, Thank you for the invitation to review a paper for your publication. I would be happy to do this. I have just one condition. I love reviewing, I really do. I love the feeling of being among … Continue reading

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Assessing scientists – a crowdsourcing approach?

As the REF draws closer, there are ongoing debates about how we assess scientists and their merits. Such assessments are critical for hiring and promotion  and we are all in agreement that the current system, by which scientists are assessed by the impact factor of … Continue reading

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